Hibik Inc.(Tokyo, Japan) is a uniform design company

The representative greetings

Selected Now is a chance.

The present market of a school uniform and the other uniform in Japan may be in the state after having finished maturing.

The fashion has been repeated in a short span. That is to say, a product with some recognition appeared in the market and then soon disappeared. The uniform fashion has been converged gradually to the so-called “standard” after the screening.

We regard it as a chance rather than grieve over the present situation. Eyes of the user ascertaining a really good product have been polished during similar products overflow in the market. Therefore the voice of the user has been increased without compromising easily. The overseas market of uniform still keeps big potentiality to develop from now on. “HIBIKI” Inc. aims at the reasonable development of products of a high quality through designing and producing the uniform of a company and the school.

We do not compete with apparel from foreign countries for merely inexpensiveness, and then we produce by utilizing the textile materials of superior quality with both excellent design and high technique that are the source of the pride of MADE IN JAPAN to bring an impression to the heart of users inside and outside of Japan.

To "a sound" to spread through the society with the small "tone" reached each one

Futoshi Kamiyama, Chief Executive OfficeOur Company name "HIBIKI" comes from English SOUND. I named my company “HIBIKI” from my desire to spread the sound harmonized of small tones reached to each one to the society.

Remembering other words which has Prefix “uni-“ of Uniform ,there is UNIVERSE, UNIQUE, UNISON, UNION. It indicates that individual existence ties up to the aggregate. Uniform comes out of uni- (individual) and Form (form, ties with figure). Without forcing any homogenized form the individuality even in the same uniform shall be respected. As a symbol to show both bond and pride of members wearing the same uniforms, our valuable message is hidden in the uniform.

Please hear, look, touch and feel the crafting spirit of HIBIKI Inc. I continue still challenging it to send an impression to an each person's heart through a uniform business like "a sound" born by a tone coming up.

Futoshi Kamiyama, Chief Executive Office