Hibik Inc.(Tokyo, Japan) is a uniform design company

To school managers


Our Concept “School Casual”

We, HIBIKI Inc. will consider the design cooperatively with you and produce "the third uniform" which can be understood by anybody after we value the hope of a student saying,” such uniform wants to wear it", the wish of a school saying, "I want you to wear such a uniform", the viewpoint of parents saying, "I want to help you put on such a uniform". Utilizing the good part of the current uniform, we will offer unprecedented and functional and stylish school casual clothes for you.

By coordinating a uniform with a parka and a casual shirt and accessories, we would increase the added value to the uniform.

If we can offer a uniform to help students happy, their school life will be enriched and you can expect to decrease the number of not only students of entering the school unwillingly but also students of leaving school before graduation.

We will wrestle with the goal of the introduction of our uniform at 10 schools in five years.