Hibik Inc.(Tokyo, Japan) is a uniform design company

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My Motto : Think over until one second in the last moment and continue doing it

I have engaged in the textile design industry until I became independent and learned a lot of on-site strictness and was forged. This experience is made use in the present work and becomes the important base of me. I assume that I continue thinking for work one after another until one second remained in the last moment. I don’t easily give anything up from one heart that desires to produce good things. I believe the work does not have the end and it continues forever as far as I believe that there are more than 100%.

The development of corporate uniform begins from hearing actual voice of the client.

When a new project begins, I am conscious of plainness in a good meaning "loosely". It is indispensable on HIBIKI’s crafting process both to hear the actual voice of the client in particular and to consider together with the client. Without an established concept, it is my pleasure to let me know your dream and your unique and free idea to say, "It is delightful if there should be such a uniform".

It is good chance to show my skillfulness to break through the difficulty by solving the problem when I come across a difficult obstacle while embodying our plan.

While investigating either what should be included or what should be omitted, the design is worked out slowly and carefully to be functional and beautiful shape, of which power is required in the designing field. It is not agreeable at all to terminate in the self-satisfaction of the designer, and it is demanded to produce the best product accepted through the glance of both a producer and a person wearing it, which is based on the firm policy of HIBIKI Inc. which is held rigidly always.

Activation of the market of Fine & Attractive Uniform

Staff uniform, which is considered to be corporate image or an advertising tower, gives a strong impression not only to a person who sees it but also to the society.

Talking extremely, the impression of a person depends on its appearance even positively or negatively. That is to say, things are easily judged from only little information.

Therefore we make much of the meaning to wear a uniform neatly in the company.

HIBIKI Inc. respects the more conscientious crafting. Then we will propose the attractive uniforms by which their motivation goes up and the switch as the professional becomes ON when the staffs of our clients let pass sleeves of their uniforms. It is possible to draw fully out the merit of the management, such as morale boosting, image building, efficiency improvement and business activation.